Store Championship Berlin

The Store Championships are in full swing and now it's Germany's turn!

A Store Championship will be held in Birkenwerder near Berlin on the 17.06.2023! We have summarized all the information for you here!



Saturday 17.06.2023


Registration starts:

10:00 AM


Tournament starts:

11:00 AM


Entry Fee:

20 €

  • 3 german booster From Nightmares
  • 30 Gil for the Gilshop
    (equals either 3 different unfoil promo cards or 1 foil promo of your choice) 

Pre-order bonus!

The first 30 participants who book their ticket up to and including 09.06.2023 will receive

  • 1 coupon for a "Schocobo", an extra moist brownie baked by Miss Jen's Backwelt
  • 100 additional Gil for the Gilshop
    (with the extra gil you get for completing the Swiss rounds, you can use it to buy a 4th From Nightmares booster!)



Kinder- und Jugendfreizeithaus CORN
Hauptstraße 112
16547 Birkenwerder


Tournament format:


Number of participants: Maximum 48


Standard tournament, Bo1, 1 deck format (30 minutes):

  • Swiss rounds depending on the number of participants.


Top Cut, 1 Deck Format, (Bo3, 70 minutes):

  • Up to 16 players top 4
  • From 17 players top 8

The tournament is governed by the official rules of the FFTCG, including Floor Rules.

Please note the prohibited and limited cards of this format.





There will be several side events offered:

  • From Nightmares Draft
  • EX Burst Madness

No additional deck is required for any of the side events.

The side events will be held parallel to the Top Cut. More information can be found below.


  • Registration is possible until 17.06. 10:50 am.
  • Online tickets can be purchased on this page. Payment method is PayPal.
  • There is a possibility to buy tickets for more than one player (you can enter their names in the order process).
  • Tickets can also be purchased on site for cash.
  • Please note our pre-order bonus!

What to bring:

  • your tournament legal deck
  • Playmat
  • Dice
  • if necessary: Token
  • printed decklist
    (You can find templates for decklists here)


It is possible to rent mats and buy sleeves on site. Cash is required, card payment is not possible on site!

Please include your username from the SQUARE ENIX Turniersoftware in your ticket order!

The ticket store can be found on our German page:


Store Championship

Top 16

  • Sleeves


Top 8

  • Event 2023 Promo
    Tyro [PR-140/11-072R]

Top 4

  • Road to World Championship
    Glaciela Wezette [PR-141/17-113L]

Top 2

  • Store Championship Playmat &
    qualification for the european championship

First Place

  • Store Championship Trophy  & Cloud price card


Sideevent EX Burst Madness

5th to 8th place

  • Prerelease Sleeves Emissaries of Light


2nd to 4th place

  • FF6 Sleeves


First place

  • FF6 Playmat


From Nightmares Draft

30 € for

  • 6 german Booster From Nightmares
  • 30 Gil for the Gilshop
  • Each player keeps the cards they pick
  • For the winner there is a small main prize, which will be announced on site

The general FFTCG draft rules apply (will be explained again on site).

EX Burst Madness

1€ for

  • 30 Gil for the Gilshop
  • Prices as described above for the side event

You are a fan of EX Bursts and are rather sad when no EX Burst is revealed in the damage?

Then we have the perfect format for you.

Each table gets an extra deck and instead of revealing the damage from your own deck, a card from the extra deck is added to the damage. The trick is that the entire deck consists only of EX Burst cards. So every shot is a hit.

But to keep it random, all extra decks are shuffled together after a round and redistributed.


Based on the Winter Cup, there will also be a Gilshop!

Here you can exchange your Gil for a large selection of promos as well as sleeves, dice, boosters and much more.

Gil can be earned through registration, the pre-order bonus, played Swiss Rounds and participating in the side events.

You can see all items and the prices on site. All items only while supplies last. Current promos are limited to 1 per person to give everyone a chance to purchase.


Approach via B96 from Berlin

Follow the B96 north from Berlin.


Approach via A10

Take exit 33 onto B96, then turn right onto Hauptstraße/B96


Exit 32 onto Berlin in the direction of Hamburg, then turn right onto Hauptstraße/B96


Public transport

Take the S1/S8 to Birkenwerder S-Bahn station (C-area). From there, either walk about 20 minutes or take bus 822 in the direction of "Zum Waldfriedhof" to Frankenstraße (scheduled departure time 10:11 from Birkenwerder S-Bahn station, runs only hourly).

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Free parking is available in sufficient numbers on site (both the C.O.R.N. and the parallel street Wensickendorfer Weg has parking spaces).

Food and drinks can be purchased on site. In addition, there is a kebab store, a Lidl and a store for beverages within walking distance.

In addition, SFM will offer the sale of boosters and sleeves.


There will be a break, the exact schedule will be announced on site then.


If there are any unanswered questions, please contact Tetrismelodie#9073 or Markomelon#1050 on DiscordAlternatively, you can also use the contact form.