Our exclusive Hidden Hope Community Spoiler

The 22nd Final Fantasy TCG Set, Hidden Hope, will release on the 22.03.2024!

And this year, we get to reveal one at the start of the community spoiler season. Just like last time, we received a Final Fantasy Brave Exvius card. Will it's card effect be as interesting and unique as last time?

The card



5CP, Fire

Job: Sworn Six of Paladia

Kategorie: FFBE


9000 Power

Card code: 22-005R



When Ignacio enters the field, put the top 3 cards of your deck into the Break Zone. When you do so, choose up to 1 Forward. If all the cards put into the Break Zone are of the Fire Element, deal it 9000 damage.


Ignacio is a member of the Sworn Six of Paladia also known as Veritas of the Flame. He commands over the element of fire and is described as a proud and powerful warrior. He is also supposed to be very tall and bulky. lastly also a blacksmith.

Like the other members of the Sworn Six, he is part of the antagonists of Season 2 of Brave Exvius.

He loves a good fight and appreciates a strong opponent. On top of that, he loves to cook - and perhaps not a surprisingly: eat.


Maybe that's why his card effects are literally "eating" through your deck, be it with draw or mill effects.


To answer our inital question right away: No, Ignacios card text is sadly not as interesting or unqiue as was the case with [21-117R] Rhus. We already have a card with a very similar effect in the game: [18-009H] Tidus.

He might be a bit weaker than Ignacio, with only 8000 power, but he also comes 1 CP cheaper. His 8000 damage ability asks you to put the top 5 cards into the Break Zone. With only 3 cards and 9000 damage, Ignacio does a bit more for a cheaper cost though.

Tidus instead has Haste by default and with the Guardian job that has a lot of potential synergies in the FFTCG. Sadly this cannot be said about the Sworn Six of Paladia.

Regardless of this comparison, it is only logic, that both Tidus and Ignacio are best played in mono fire Decks, if you want to use their ability consistently. And this is where another problem for this card occurs: Fire has a lot better alternatives to be used in the precious deck slots. Even the old [10-001H] Ignacio provides the same 9000 power for 5 CP and has an effect, that is a lot more practical to use - even outside of mono fire. And even then, this version only saw play in some  [11-023H] Verstael decks.



Talking about 9000 damage, Ignacio sadly also cannot keep up with cards like [20-018H] Phoinix. Or if you don't want to occupy a Forward slot, summons like [21-012H] Bahamut will also do the job a lot better.

With that being said, it is hard to imagine, that Ignacio will find itself a staple in mono fire decks.

On top, any light or dark card would decrease the chance of getting Ignacios effect to fire off, even in mono decks.Including very popular cards like [20-127L] Shinryu. Meaning that Ignacio limits deckbuilding even further.

[10-001H] Ignacio

[11-023H] Verstael

[20-018H] Phoinix

[21-015H] Bahamut

But what about limited?!

This is where the usual "It's at least a good card for draft"-obligatory statement might happen. Generally speaking, a 5 CP 9000 power forward is not a bad call in those formats. But unless fire is extremly open, you will have to rely on a lot of luck if you want to get this autoability to function.

It should also be noted, that a 3 card mill in limited formats can be a lot more damaging, than in standard. As you are most of these times playing with a smaller deck and your key cards rarely will come in playsets. By putting the top 3 cards in the Break Zone, there's the chance, cards that you actually would have liked to use later, may end up lost from the effect.

As the effect itself has to be used and is not optional. Luckily, thanks to "up to 1 Forward", you will not end up in a situation where you would have to target your own Forwards, in case your opponent has an empty board.


As of the articles release with the known spoilers for the upcoming set and with a large variety of very good fire Forwards and Summons, it seems very unlikely, that Ignacio may find it's way into many Standard decks. If at all. It will be interesting to see, if similar to Opus X, his card will again be the weakest of the Sworn Six of Paladia (Raegen, Citra, Folka, Sieghard und Cid). [22-044R] Cid (FFBE) and [22-111L] Raegen have already been revealed and can be checked on on our Spoiler overview. So have a look to make your own verdict!


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We are very grateful to SQUARE ENIX for letting us be a part of the community spoiler season once more!