Our exclusive Rebellion's Call Community Spoiler

In the upcoming set "Rebellion's Call" things will soon get really rebellious, as the title already reveals!
All the more fitting that our spoiler is part of the resistance movement AVALANCHE!

The Card



2 CP, Fire



Category: VII


Code: 17-003C





When Elfe enters the field, you may discard 1 card. If you do so, search 1 Job AVALANCHE Operative and add it to your hand.

(Dull), put Elfe into the Break Zone: Choose 1 Forward. Deal it 1000 damage.

Character Background

Cissneis sample artwork already gave it away: We will now get characters from Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII with the upcoming set!

Before Crisis was a mobile game that was released exclusively in Japan. There, you slip into the role of a Turk member and carry out various missions for the organization. Before Crisis takes place even before Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, but AVALANCHE was already a prominent organisation. Elfe is one of them, who later even becomes their leader for some time!

Spoiler (Highlight text to read):
Originally known as Felicia, she grew up in Kalm with her parents, her father being the Turks Verdot. After a tragic accident in Kalm and failed experiments by Hojo, which implanted her with a powerful Materia, but at the same time drained her life force, the injured Felicia, suffering from amnesia, is rescued by AVALANCHE member Fuhito and from now on takes the name of Elfe. Unable to remember her former life, AVALANCHE is the only family left for her. After the previous AVALANCHE leader dies, Elfe is elected as the new leader. Later, she also meets Shears, who joins the AVALANCHE, impressed by her fighting ability.




Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII offers some additional characters - will they find their way into FFTCG?

Possible Uses

With Elfe we get the first AVALANCHE backup in the element of fire but not only that! We get a character with the job AVALANCHE, which did not exist in the TCG before! Since the starter deck "AVALANCHE vs Shinra", we have come to know the Job AVALANCHE characters as a very strong aggro archetype and each of these characters would prefer to be played as forwards. However, since they are all pushed down to 1 CP in cost when we already have an AVALANCHE on the field, none of them want to be the first. Elfe now fulfills two roles here, first she is a forward that can find us a job AVALANCHE from the deck (mind you backups too if we want) and second she just has the job that makes the other AVALANCHE cheaper without having to pay one of them in full first. And even if it ends up as an EX BURST in our damage, it can simply seek another copy of itself from the deck, (a mechanic for which other cards have recently been banned in L3 and L6). However, this still requires a card to be discarded to trigger the search!

The core card of the Avalanche deck has been [14-121L] Barret, as it not only grants haste to other AVALANCHE forwards, but also brings one from the Break Zone to our hand if we discard another card for it. To get this Barret into play as early as possible, searchers like [7-069C] Kolka or [12-066C] Vaigali were often played 3x, now Elfe replaces a few of these, not only because it can optionally be played for 2 CP without the search, but it also has an EX BURST and most importantly a job that helps the deck extremely!

The ability to dull Elfe and put her in to the Break Zone to do 1000 damage to a forward seems quite weak at first, but more important here is that she can free up a backup slot to play other relevant cards or to be played again herself when we bring her back from the Break Zone to the hand with Barret's abilities or even directly back to the field through [15-139S] Cloud and trigger her abilities to search for an AVALANCHE again.


Elfe is probably not very playable outside of AVALANCHE/Fire Earth FF7, should we not get a job AVALANCHE which can stand alone enough to make us want to seek him/her out. However, in the overall AVALANCHE archetype, Elfe is a great asset.

Opinions and Ideas ?

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As always, thanks to SQUARE ENIX for letting us be a part of the community spoiler season!