Our exclusive Emissaries of Light Community Spoiler

Emissaries of Light is getting closer and closer and the spoiler season already brought us some surprises.
We are proud to present another spoiler, which we hope will excite you as much as it did us!

The Card



3 CP, Lightning


Job: Mirage Keeper

Categorie: WOFF

7000 power

Code: 16-105R



When Reynn enters the field, choose 1 Monster in your Break Zone. You may remove it from the game. If you do so, Reynn gains +2000 power and "At the beginning of the Attack Phase during each player's turn, choose 1 Forward. It gains Haste until the end of the turn."
(This effect does not end at the end of the turn.)




This is the fourth Reynn to appear in FFTCG. While the previous ones were set in fire, she switches things up to be lightning this time.

But that's not the only new feature: while all the other cards were related to WoFF or synergised with her brother Lann, this Reynn can definitely find a place outside of WoFF decks - as long as you also have monsters in said deck.

This already offers a lot more possibilities than her alternatives.


Reynn is a good card in our eyes with a lot of potential in a variety of decks. Since, it can stand on its own outside WOFF decks, it also prevents issues with having a name clash with the older cards nuilt specifically with WOFF synergies in mind.


The possibility to give haste at the beginning of EACH attack phase of both players is already very powerful.
In your own turn the advantages are obvious: you can attack immediately. But also in the opponent's turn it allows to directly implement action abilities of forwards that require Dull.

[12-080H] Cid Previa has a similar effect, but it can only be used once. It also costs only 1 CP and cannot be effectively combined with [11-091R] Glauca.

Reynn, on the other hand, reduces to an elegant 2 CP to play and can distribute her haste effect every turn - even on herself!

Thus, Reynn does not necessarily require a combo with another forward to be effective and is considered a great alternative option to Cid.

The only condition a deck has to meet to use her is that they should contain monsters in the break zone. Fortunately, every Element now has plenty of great monsters, so Reynn could feel comfortable combining with pretty much any Element.

However, there are some combinations that can definitely be more effective than others. We've picked out a few for you here.

Blitz / Eis Monster

Ice has a variety of great monsters. But that's not the main reason we picked this element combination:

With [10-039C] Nag'molada, Ice has a reliable monster search that can make sure your monster setup gets going.

With [16-038H] Byblos from the upcoming set, Ice even got another powerful monster that not only looks good in the Break Zone, but also on the field.


Thanks to [10-086C] Aldo its easy to search for Reynn directly.

If you are interested in playing with some memes, you can also hope that [8-038C] Sophia or [5-042C] Trickster will finally see play in decks: just use haste on opposing forwards to dull them cheekily or simply block with Trickster.

Wasser / Blitz Monster

Let's get to the real heart of the combination options: Water / Lightning Monster.

Bringing up an older WOFF card: [12-096H] Quacho Queen.

Thanks to [16-130H] Twintania, it can finally play to it full potential in Emissaries of Light: If Twintania is in your Break Zone, you can bring it directly onto the field.

Should Quacho Queen then end up in the Break Zone after her work is done, you'll also have a direct target for Reynn, since she's "also a monster in any situation". But to be honest, there should be a lot of possible monster targets in Water / Lightning.

[11-124H] Relm had already enabled quite a few decks and might even make her comeback thanks to Reynn.


A possibly relevant monster that can easily be played in any element combination with Reynn is [15-091C] Thunder Drake.

Be it the popular "level up" [11-136S] Cloud, [15-011L] Palom and [15-119L] Porom - the current meta has some 2 CP forwards that you should really get rid of quickly and reliably. And the trend of 2 CP Forwards doesn't seem to be stopping in the upcoming set.
Thunder Drake can reliably help with that and also ends up in the break zone afterwards - perfect for our Reynn setup!


As you can see, Reynn  has some possibilities to be played in one or another deck. Thanks to her versatility and combination possibilities, there are hardly any limits to your deck building - maybe only one or two monsters should be slotted in, of course.

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