Our exclusive Opus XIV Community Spoiler

We are happy to announce our exclusive community spoiler for the upcoming set Opus XIV: Crystal Abyss.

This time we don't have a main character like Lightning or Alphinaud, but a really iconic monster you may know from a few Final Fantasy games.

It is [14-110C] Tonberry, a 1 CP water monster from the WOFF category.

The Card

1 CP, Water


Job: Tonberry

Category: WOFF

Code: 14-110C




At the end of each of your turn, place 1 Monster Counter on Tonberry.

Put Tonberry into the Break Zone: Look at the same number of cards from the top of your deck as the Monster Counters placed on Tonberry. Add 1 card among them to your hand. Then, shuffle the other cards and return them to the bottom of your deck.

At the end of each of your turns, Tonberry gains a monster counter. If we put Tonberry into the Break Zone, we can look at as many cards from the top as we had monster counter on it. We can choose one of them and add it to our hand. The remaining cards will be shuffled and placed under the deck.

The longer Tonberry remains on our field, the deeper we can dig into our deck and get a chance to grab some key cards. At the current game speed, this effect may still be too slow to see play. Even with being able to play 3 of them onto the field may not make the card more valid.



We don't know what else Opus XIV may provide, so we can only judge from the cards shown up to now.

It is a WOFF Character, that is a bit harder to remove compared to other card types. But as a water card it may not really fit into the usual WOFF Fire / Earth themed decks.

[11-026H] Gestalian Empire Cid could help increase Tonberrys counter, but would also result in losing CP due to dulling for using his ability. In general it does not look like Tonberry can keep up with other 1 CP monsters, like for example [4-012C] Goblin who also provides another effect on top of drawing a card. 


Tonberry is a card with a partial interesting effect, with an effect that may not be fast or efficient enough. Compared to a lot of other cards, it may not be able to keep up with the current meta.

Maybe there will be better synergies in the future that may prove us wrong. Or it may be a better card in other formats like limited. Especially with their smaller deck size and lack of searchers it may become a bit more interesting to shuffle through your deck.

The real dead honest judgement of this card could not be provided, since the author got stabbed by a Tonberry while writing it. So be careful what you say about this card!


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