Our Opus XIII Community Spoiler

For the upcoming set Opus XIII: Crystal Radiance we are happy to display another spoiler from Square Enix! And what could be better than the card whose artwork adorns the current set on the display and pre-release kit!

We present to you: Lightning, from the third part of the Final Fantasy XIII series: Lightning Returns!

The Card


2 CP, Multi-Element, Wind / Lightning

Forward, 5000 Power

Job: Savior

Categorie: XIII

Code: 13-116C


When Lightning enters the field, select 1 of the 2 following actions:

"Search for 1 Card Name Odin and add it to your hand."

"Lightning gains Haste until the end of the turn."

Lightnings Role in Lightning Returns

As you can guess from the title, Lightning takes the lead again in Lightning Returns.


In a distant future, the world is coming to an end. Chosen by the god Bhunivelze as The Savior, Lightning must save the souls of as many people as possible so that they may be carried into a new world. She has only 13 days left and is given powerful skills for the task.


Just like in game, our Lightning also has the job of "Savior" and is displayed in her savior outfit gifted from Bhunivelze including sword.


So far we have 10 different Lightnings in the FFTCG. In addition to our spoiler, it is already known from the artwork that another Lightning will appear in this set. Each of these Lightnings, including the mystery Lightning not yet spoiled, are lightning element cards. Our "Savior" also receives the element of wind, similar to how Lightning was given additional abilities in this role.


13 days is very little time to save the world and so our card comes onto the field with haste 2 CP ... before she leaves us in the dust, let's quickly move on to potential play options!


As a 2 CP Wind / Lightning card, Lightning plays most effectively with at least 2 backups of each element. Nevertheless, there are many ways to bring her onto the field:

These are just some examples. Thanks to her CP cost, she has a lot of overlap with other forwards that bring specific targets onto the field.


If you want to stay in the ice / lightning combination, which is not untypical for Final Fantasy XIII decks, you can also help with [9-033C] Class Ninth Moogle, as this can generate the required wind CP.


But Lightning has a lot of potential to be played outside of the ice element.


Thanks to [13-085R] Lumina (Community Spoiler by Cymru Cactuars), Category XIII forwards now have a reliable search option in lightning too. [10-086C] Aldo would be another alternative.


Also in this set, [13-115L] Golbez is looking for forwards who cost 2 CP. Fittingly, it is also a wind / lightning multi-element card. Maybe Lightning will feel very comfortable in an Archfiend deck?

Thanks to her abilities, Lightning is quite versatile: Either you give her haste and use it for a direct attack after you have played her or brought her onto the field using the above options. Or you look for Odin.


We currently have 6 cards named Odin in the FFTCG and we would not be surprised if another would be added in Opus XIII. If you are looking for Odin, thanks to Lightning you also have another card in hand ,which gives lightning 0 cp value. It also helps to filter through your own deck.


And even if you run out of Odin in your deck, you still have the option to give her haste.


Thank you very much Square Enix for once again letting us be a part of the Community Spoiler Season!

We hoped you all liked our article. What is your opinion on this card? What deck ideas are on your mind for this new set? Tell us over FacebookTwitter or Discord!